Frequently Asked Questions:

- How do I activate/unlock the Sim Aquarium?
To unlock all features of Sim Aquarium, press left mouse button while screensaver is running to enter menu, click on "Unlock" button and enter your Key Code.

- What are the advantages of Premium license?
This is a lifetime license to all our currently available and upcoming screensavers, live wallpapers and games. It comes with two additional Key Codes which you can share with your family and friends.

- What are the minimum system requirements
Minimum recommended graphic card is ATI Radeon 3xxx or NVIDIA GeForce 8xxx (a five years old hardware), but it may work well on older graphic cards. The best way to make sure SA3 will work on your computer is to try it out.

- Sim Aquarium is running but the fish are invisible or moving choppy/skippy

1. Please, download and install the latest version from this link

2. Install latest drivers for your video card:
Nvidia GeForce:
ATI/AMD Radeon:

3. Install latest DirectX:

I have lost or haven't received my Key Code

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